Crackaccino: Can you say addiction?

After working in a Coffee House for several months now, it is amazing to see the effect caffeine has on the masses.

I grew-up with a mother who was highly addicted to coffee. My favorite story about her addiction: when a hurricane knocked out the power to our house we had to drive half an hour away to find her morning coffee so she could “function.”

Seeing such a dependency to a beverage my entire life I was prepared to rarely touch the stuff. Now, even though I work as a Barista I keep the addictive tendency to a minimum. I don’t really want to require anything more than sleep and oxygen to “function.” However, the addiction of my customers is more than apparent, with some of them spending close to $3000 a year on coffee.

I can’t say there is necessarily anything wrong with a coffee dependency it’s just not my personal preference. I love my customers and I look forward to fixing their morning mochas for them. I love knowing their vehicles and preparing their favorite coffee-related product before they even get to the door.

I hear alternating opinions about the long-term effects of caffeine, but I feel whatever makes a person happy is quite alright in the long run. I have observed that there are two types of people in this world, the type that must have the exact same coffee beverage every day, and the types that love the variations and try something new every day.

I do occasionally partake in the smile-inducing effects of a good cup of Joe, and I am certainly one of those that likes to mix it up. Do I want a medium-blend with Irish Cream? A Turtle Latte? A Caramel mixed in to my Snickerdoodle? There are so many options. Anyone with an inability to make decisions should stay wary of that aromatic place on the corner with the Bistro chairs out front.

The chemistry required to make a good coffee beverage is more involved than one might think. The blend of coffee to water is very important in the coffee, and nothing will ruin a latte like a separated espresso shot. Not to mention the lack of foam producing abilities will quickly deteriorate a cappuccino. Maybe some of that sounds confusing, but the moment you’ve been behind a coffee bar it sounds like shop talk.